With a little help from friends . . .


Built to benefit the music, the musicians that make music and the good people that listen and enjoy the music.

"Good for hearts and minds!" gw

gw Staton

A businessman and musician who enjoys sharing live music. Most importantly to see musicians and guests treated with respect and appreciation.

. . . pmn enterprise llc.

Business ~ gw@pmnenterprise.com

Music ~ gw@BlackCrystalGroup.com

Ph. 734-474-8743

Mike Raupp

Consultant - Beverage Master & Café Event Manager

A good businessman and life long friend who visited the cafe in the first showcase and has supported our work for several years.

"one smart nice guy" ~ gw

Mike is considered one of the experts in the Health Insurance business. Open and honest as it comes and our personal health insurance agent. Ph. 734-368-4653

Stephan Iscoe

Consultant - Marketing & Design

Mark Jewett

Consultant -  Artist Coordinator

I am an electrical engineer, by training and degree, and a self-avowed science geek. I did however, expend EVERY available elective credit hour in my college education on music/arts related subjects. This exposure to arts/music has taught and trained me more than any other experience, BY FAR, to watch and listen to others and to seek to understand. It has taught me how to not only coexist with others, but to collaborate and thrive in this world.

Tom Gallagher

Consultant -  Product Distribution

Tom has 25 years of experience in the sales of recorded music and filmed entertainment products to independent stores, as well as the US largest retailers. Career highlights include; VP of Sales at USA Home Entertainment; Director of Sales at PolyGram Video and Director of Sales for LA based NBC / Universal Home Entertainment.

Mark Jay

Consultant -  Audio & Live Recording

"Mark has worked in signal processing and binaural technology for over 25 years.  He manages a Noise, Vibration, Harshness, and Sound Quality Group for a Tier One supplier. He is also Founder and Principal Engineer of Immersifi Recording  services, specializing in live binaural audio productions. He is a Member of the Audio Engineering Society (A.E.S.), Society of  Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.), and Associate Member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I.N.C.E.). He is co-inventor on two  U.S. Patents, one German patent, and one U.K. patent.He has written several technical papers on sound quality and analysis methodology for peer-reviewed journal proceedings. Additionally, he has co-chaired technical sessions at the S.A.E. Congress on Noise, Vibration, and Harshness. He holds a B.S.E.E. in Electrical Engineering from The University of Hartford. Ph. 734 645 7748"

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